College projects often allow a lot of room for interpretation and can be very open which is good but they can lack the substance of ‘live’ work matt mcarthur

After seeing the above comment from Matt McArthur from my post about an HND in Graphic Design it got me thinking. When I was at college I had no real idea of what live design briefs were like or the budget or time allowed. I think if I had, myself and fellow students would have found it a real eye opener.

I wondered if it would be of interest to any graphic design students if I posted up a few of my old design briefs (with clients names etc changed) with a guide to how long I would expect to spend on them?

Often briefs are are very vague and a writen brief is a luxury, usually, I just take notes from a verbal design brief.

If anyone would be interested in this drop me a comment below and I will start to dig out a few old briefs and write them up for you as soon as I get time. If any other designers have old briefs (no rude comments please) they are prepared to share email me – mail @ (remove spaces) and I will post with your link.

Anu suggestions for the type of “real design briefs” you would like to see are welcomed in the comments below.

Update: You can now find sample design briefs here