I was recently trying to put together a website using wordpress and wanted to be able to change the link names using wp_list_pages. I hadn’t realised before that you can’t have a different page heading to your link name, so for example if on my front page I wanted the title to be ‘Welcome to my website” the link in my navigation using wp_list_pages would also say “welcome to my website” when I really just wanted it to say home. I knew I could just hand code it but I wanted my client to be able to easily add pages without messing about, so I searched for a plugin.

After a big search I still hadn’t found one and had little response from the WordPress forum so I tried the forum over at blogging tips where help was much more forthcoming. Sarah from Stuff by Sarah kindly created a plugin called Page Menu Editor which did exactly what I needed and I am sure will be useful to many people. Sarah’s website also has a lot of other plugins and advice which are well worth a look.