The 100 dollar start upChances are you will have heard of Chris Guillebeau and his recent book the $100 startup, but here’s my view on why I think it’s a book that designers should read.

Let’s face it, work is harder to get than it was a few years ago for us designers, so we have got to start thinking differently. We have a wealth of skills at our finger tips, and not just to create work to fit a client’s brief. We have the ability to create new designs, products, websites and probably have numerous ideas for apps amongst other things, if we only knew how to harness our talents.

This is where the 100 dollar start up (aff link) comes in. Chris Guillebeau, interviewed hundreds of entrepreneurs, but not of the get rich quick internet millionaire flavour. These are people who have created businesses that make them a good living, but not necessarily a fortune. After each entrepreneurs story Chris Guillebeau has identified key take away points to help you with your business ideas.

One of the stories which will probably interest you, is about 2 graphic designers who were a little bored of their normal design work. The duo were going on a trip and wanted a nice map to plan their journey, but couldn’t find one, so they designed one themselves. In order to get it printed they had to get a small run made. They gave a few to friends, and then thought they would see if they could sell the rest. The map was a success and their map business now supports them both.

There are plenty more inspiring and yet attainable stories in the book. Now it’s just a case of working out how you can apply it to your work and talents.

A product designer recently said to me “It’s about being creative by using our talents in a non-predictable way. You need to develop products!” I think he’s right.

Buy the 100 dollar start up here (aff link)