I was contacted by a company the other day who were looking for a web designer, they were keen to hear from any one interested in a full time web design/developer position (the job is posted on the free graphic design blog jobs board), but especially from female web designers to balance out their development team. They expressed that there seemed to be a lack of women web designers. I must admit it is something I have never really thought about.

So is it true are more web designers/developers male and why is this? Is it because many women are put off by the coding aspect of web design and prefer the more creative freedom of print? My partner works in construction which is a male dominated area, but he has said that in the last few years women are coming in to the industry more on the management side. When he started in his old job there were no female quantity surveyors, when he left there were several including his boss. This was due to promotion of the industry to women. Maybe web development needs the same push?

What are you thoughts, is the area of web development male dominated?

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