Why graphic design is like sex

The virgin

The virgin…aka the blank white piece of paper you encounter at the beginning of every creative job. There is fear and uncertainty of the unknown (exciting though).

A bit of foreplay

Sketching, exploration of ideas and a bit of frustration when something does not quite have the desired result. Then when things seem to be going right and you know you have had a good idea you start thinking OMG OMG this could be it, but first…

The Kama Sutra

You need to take that great idea and work out the best positions for logos, images and typography. A lot of experimentation is required to make sure everything fits together perfectly.

The headache

If the Kama Sutra of design positioning does not go quite as planned you may find yourself feeling totally deflated with a major design headache that completely puts you off your stride.

The climax

When a great idea finally meets great style and layout ultimately that Harry Met Sally moment will arrive and you can barely contain yourself.

Showing off your babies

With any luck you will find your client cooing over your newly born babies, just hope they don’t start switching the new born babys’ outfits around so you end up with a mismatched monster. Worse still, you hope that they don’t like the ugly baby that just tagged along for the ride.