target market

Over the weekend my boyfriend and I went to a relatives shop to buy some furniture. While we were there they were saying how quiet business was and we started looking at their website which is very basic and old fashioned. They don’t want to sell online which I understand, but I asked why they didn’t have any prices of their products online and they said “WE LIKE it if people phone us if they want more information.” At this point I said that many people, myself included, wouldn’t bother ringing they just want to get an idea of prices to see if it’s within their price range and worth the journey.

It started me thinking, it really doesn’t matter what the client wants or what we want as designers, but it is down to us to try and work out what the end user wants and convince the client. It is hard to design something that goes completely against the grain of your own taste, but it is something, we as designers need to do. I keep a sketchbook which every now and then I cut up bits of design magazines, leaflets etc that I LIKE and paste them in for future reference. Perhaps really what I should be doing is cutting out and keeping things that really make sales. Take for instance those hideous (to me) adverts that you get in the back of Sunday Newspaper magazines sometimes, the ones selling pottery animals or flowery sofa covers, adverts like this must cost a fortune to place and you don’t just see them in one week so they must sell I assume. Perhaps I should be collecting things like this, or at least collecting material suitable for different age groups and types of people.

Who cares what I like or the client likes, it is the target market that really counts and what sells. What do you think?