I have been wondering for a while now how potential clients perceive the idea of a freelance designer. Since I started freelancing 3 years ago, like many freelancers I have simply been trading under my own name, but am now trying to decide if that is the way to continue or if I should work under the guise of a company name.

How freelancing under your own name could be an advantage:

  • If you are looking for work from design agencies/printers they are less likely to feel threatened that you could potentially take their clients
  • A company may approach freelance designers as a cheaper alternative to an agency (not sure if this is a good or bad thing)
  • People like to talk directly to the person who is working on their project
  • People like the idea that you are upfront about being a one man band
  • Your client is more likely to feel like a big fish in a small pond, a feeling that they are valued by you as a client.

How trading under a design company name could be an advantage:

  • You can make yourself seem like a much larger company than the one-man-band you are. This could open up the doors to working with clients who may not have considered a freelance designer
  • If you do expand and decide to take on employees you already have a company name in place.
  • If you decide to outsource some work it goes under the companies name rather than you giving the impression that you are the hands on designer.

I am still debating the best option, to continue freelancing under my own name, trade under a company name or do both. If you are a freelancer, what do you find is the best route for you?