Ever bought a new Mac only to have it reduced in price the next week? I have. My old mac was really playing up so I was more or less forced to buy a new one. I rang round to try and get the best price, but there was very little difference. I went with the cheapest out of necessity (worried my old mac would pack up). The next week one of the computer sales people rang to say he could now do a really good deal on the mac (I had just purchased from someone else) as a new mac was just being launched.

Today I receivwidgeted an email from Mac User Magazine with a link to mactactic.com. This site has information on when new macs and accessories are likely to be released or older ones discontinued. This is good guide to when you can either pick up a bargain, or make sure you have the very latest machine.

There’s a widget you can download too if you want to keep an eye on what’s happening in your mac dashboard.