I have recently been in the process of writing a design ebook and have been wondering about the possibility of converting it for Kindle or Ipad (not just as a PDF). I am still a bit old school and have been using Quark Xpress rather than Indesign (although I have that too). Quark have been banging on about what it can do with ebooks and iphone apps, but to be honest I am falling out of love with Quark, its clunky interface and bugs and so I thought I would check out what Indesign and other applications can do with e-publishing.

I thought some of you might be interested in creating books for Ipad and Kindle too and might want to check out these videos showing you how Indesign and WordPress can be used to create suitable files.

Using InDesign to Create Digital Epub Books for Kindle and Ipad (Part 1)

Check out the other videos on Indesign for Ebooks here part 2 and part 3

Using WordPress to Create Ipad and Kindle Books with PressBooks

Then while listening to a podcast I heard that you can also make epub ebooks through WordPress using PressBooks, this would allow for collaboration on ebooks and looks like an interesting idea.

Using Open Source Software to Create Epub Books

I also discovered a free open source piece of software called Booktype which you can also use to create digital books for the ipad and Kindle

Further Reading on Creating Ebooks for Ipad and Kindle

What have you found is the best way to create digital books for ipad and Kindle?

PS – Bye bye Quark Xpress I don’t think I will be upgrading