unstuck creativit book coverI bought the book Unstuck (52 Ways to Get and Keep your Creativity Flowing at Home, at Work and in your Studio) pretty much out of curiosity. I had previously read about the author Noah Scalin’s personal design project to create a Skull a Day. For this project he literally created an image by whatever means of a skull for every day of one year.

I am big believer in personal design projects and really like the premise behind this book. The book is filled with exercises aimed at getting your creative brain working. I know from personal experience how easy it is to get pigeon holed into a certain type if work, especially when you work full time, so this book might help you to break out of it.

It doesn’t matter how much time you have as the creative exercises are split into projects from 30 seconds (yes you read that correctly) to several hours.

So what sort of creative exercises can you expect?

Two minute project

Choose one of the provided squiggles (or make your own) and combine it with one of the supplied phrases (or make your own). Using the squiggle create a doodle which visually represents the phrase.

Unstuck Noah Scalin

Multi hour project pg 216

Take a camera and go outside, find images that can make up an alphabet.

Adapt the creative projects to your own needs

I have adapted one of the exercises myself. In the book Noah tells you to make 2 separate lists and the combine items from each to stimulate new ideas. Instead I created a series of coloured cards with different characteristics which I can combine at random to try and generate new character design ideas.

Interviews with other Creatives

Amongst the creative exercises there are short articles where different creatives share their thoughts and strategies on staying creative.

unstuck creative interviews

Who should buy this book

Anyone who is feeling in a creative rut or anyone who wants a new creative project outside of work to get their creative juices flowing.

unstuck creativity

You can get the book from Amazon here or find out more about it in the website

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