travel book for graphic designers

I know some of you are very keen travellers, so when I read in Computer Arts Magazine about some new travel guides aimed at creative people I thought I would write a quick post about them. I haven’t bought any of the books but according to the books’ website:

Little Black Books are city guides created specifically for the ad industry that cover the best places to sleep, eat and drink, from the quirky to the fantastic. LBBs are of great value to readers throughout the year, helping you choose where to entertain clients, host company events or accommodate visitors. In addition to information on travel and entertainment, LBBs contain a directory of production and post production company contacts as well as local associations and press contacts. You’ll also find a handy 52 week diary which lists events, award shows and local holidays—all of this in a convenient size and beautiful, eye-catching design.

I have had a quick look at the website, and from the previews it looks like the books are well designed too. The first books cover Soho (London), NYC, Santa Monica, Toronto, Miami and Cannes.