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alarmI cannot count the number of times that I have woken up in the morning, only to have a dozen or more great ideas running through my head. I jot down the ones I can remember, but I know it is in vain as I never know which one to start on first. I am no longer freelancing, and have a normal (for lack of better words) day job, which has limited my time severely. Yes I know, you are right, that is just a lame excuse. I had the same problem when I was a full time freelancer. But I digress.

This morning, after checking email and news feeds, I decide that I want to start on one of these great ideas. I sit and stare at my list for what seems like forever (I swear, one of these days rigor mortis will set in). I try to decide which project I should dive into first, but they all seem just as important as the next one. Keep in mind this does not include any freelance client work. These are personal projects I want to accomplish during the down time.

Eventually I pick the lucky winner, but fifteen minutes into it I come up with a cool idea for one of the other projects and switch gears. This accomplishes absolutely nothing other than the fact that I am now working on two projects, and have confused the situation. What makes this even more difficult is that one project may be an idea for a new logo, and the other a screenplay for a short film. Sometime I wind up shutting the computer down and going out for the day to fulfill my other passion – photography. Of course when I get home and upload the photos it reminds me about getting my online store up and running to sell my photos. AAAAARRRGGGHHH!

Does anyone experience this same problem, and if so how do you handle it? If you do nothing you feel like hell because you have wasted valuable time, but on the other hand if you do pick something to work on, and put in a good chunk of your time, you may feel like your precious time would have been better spent on project X.

I know it comes down to time management and prioritization, which I am good at when it comes to client deadlines, but for some reason I cannot do it for my own personal work. Any thoughts, comments or psychologist’ phone numbers will be most appreciated.

Thanks for this community. I have joined my share of online forums, but have never experienced such wonderful and compassionate individuals who are not afraid to share their wisdom and ideas with like-minded people.

Bryan J. Zimmerman

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