webcam for designI have recently taken a few online french lessons with Telefrench where a French tutor (in Paris) teaches you one on one by webcam or headset. I was a little dubious at first, but with a couple of free trial lessons I figured I had nothing to lose. It turns out it was great and I have signed up by more. He can show me images through Windows Messenger, talk and write vocabulary and grammar. Maybe this is something that we should be taking advantage of more in the design industry.

For Presenting Design Visuals
What a great way to present visuals to a client from a distance. Currently if you are working long distance in terms of print design it will be a case of send a PDF, wait until the client has seen it, then talk it/or email it through. A webcam and messenger program brings back he element of being able to talk though designs as you present. An opportunity to explain why you have done something and how it can work for the client, before giving them chance to read their own ideas into the design.

For Design Interviews
What about design interview too. How much time and travelling could a webcam interview cut down on? Within 5 minutes talking through a few pieces of work online both parties would know if it was worth going forward to an onsite design interview. Normally you would send through a few pieces of work or point a potential employer to your website, but this gives no indication of personalities, something equally important in a work environment.

A design studio which has a webcam pointed at its studio can be found at Hmmm… I don’t think I would like that too much!

Have you ever used a webcam to present your design work or for a design interview? What are your thoughts, could it work?