A little while ago I though it was about time I learned more about web design – having been a print based designer for about 15 years.

I had dabbled with Softpress Freeway – a web building programme built for non techy designers (a bit like quark) and I had experimented with Dreamweaver building a simple site (just for myself) after a days training. To be honest I hated dreamweaver, not knowing how to code if something didn’t work I didn’t know how to get in there and fix it and I would not dare build a site for a client.

I decided I would try and find some reasonably priced local training – perhaps a nightschool class. To be honest I was amazed at the lack of courses out there, the only course I could find (and that included colleges and Universitys within about a 30 mile radius) was a dreamweaver nightschool class which when I contacted them was just too basic. So where were all the other HTML and CSS classes, surely it wasn’t just me looking?

I can remember about 15 years ago I had the same problem, I was wanting to learn Quark Xpress, but no-one was teaching it so I ended up learning while working from experimenting and my co-workers (its not so easy when you are freelance). Its available now of course (now I could teach a lot of it)

Frustrated I decided to look for a day/couple of days course either one-on-one or in a group from a trainer. Again there were no group courses locally and I had a variety of quotes for one-on-one training (one for about £750!!!).

I finally found a reasonable priced days training which I have booked for next month and will hopefully take more it it goes well. I just want someone to kickstart me in the right direction. I will report back on how it goes. I have also bought a book which seems pretty good too Build Your Own Webiste the Right Way Using HTML and CSS

Hopefully soon I will be more confident building websites?