moleskin sketchbook exhibition for artist and designers
If you an artist or designer that likes to keep a sketchbook then this project could be just up you street. The Arthouse Sketchbook Project invites artists to choose a theme from several options including:

Then you purchase your moleskin sketchbook from them (only $25). Each artist gets sent the same blank moleskin sketchbook and the artist can fill the sketchbook with creative ideas that they feel fit within the theme. The completed sketchbooks are then sent back and will be included in the sketchbook tour and exhibited in galleries and museums. The collections will also be filmed so if you can’t get to see it in person you will be able to watch some of the exhibitions on the internet.

The sketchbook project can help to get your work exposed, according to the company:

CNN aired a piece about the 2009 tour, five participants were featured in a Time Out NY article about the 2010 tour, and PBS wrote an article about the 2009 tour which featured work from a slew of participants.

If you want to take part you need to sign up by October 31st 2010, postmark your book by 15th January 2011 and the tour will start March 2011.
(Sketchbook project found via tweet from Alison Day)
You can see some previous entrants below