If you are a freelance designer you have different options as to how you work. You can create design work directly for the end user, the client or you can work for a “middleman,” such as a marketing company, or like myself you can do a combination of both.

The advantages of working through a third party

  • You don’t have to go out looking for work and therefore can devote more time to design rather than sales and marketing
  • A constant flow of work – if you build up a good relationship with a marketing/sales person could could find yourself with a reasonable flow
    of work
  • No cold selling
  • Less travelling

The disadvantages of working through a third party

  • Less variety of work
  • You have to please two sets of clients – Your contact is happy with the visuals you give them and takes them to their client. Their client rejects the visuals. You contact does then not want to pay for the visuals as they can’t charge their client.
  • You have no control over the brief, and can not control whether you contact has taken a good brief or not.
  • You do two sets of amends – one for your contact, one for their client.
  • If your not careful you can end up with all your eggs in one basket. If your contact pulls their work you lose a lot of work at once.