Do you do something related to Graphic Design? Are you:

  • A Graphic Designer who works for a company (perhaps you even own it)
  • An Art Director
  • A Web Designer
  • A Freelance Graphic Designer
  • A Graphic Design Student

Then why not share a day of your life on Graphic Design Blog
Email me at with the answers to the questions below (numbers 1 to 11) plus a photo of yourself if you have one, and I will post the most interesting ones on my blog each week with a link back to your blog or website.

The Competition (now over)
Send a link to a video (on YouTube) which you have created of you sharing/talking about a day in your life – also email me a link to your website so I can link to it. There will be a $100 prize (payable by paypal) for the best video (in my opinion). Please make sure you include in your video that you are taking part in the Day in the life of… competition” on or put a link in your Youtube info back to this post. Entries in by May 31st 2010. The winner will be chosen after this date.

1. A day in the life of a __________________ (fill in what you do for a living – must be graphic design related)
2. Your Name:
3. Company Name/University Name etc:
4. Web Address:
5. City, Country
6. How you Start the Day – ie. Get up what time, travel
7. First jobs
8. The rest of your work day
9. Evening
10. What you love about your job /course
11. What you hate about your job /student life

I hope you want to take part and look forward to hearing a bit about what everyone does