Tom Hughes student designerStudent designer Tom Hughes who is currently studying animation at University College Falmouth got in touch with me by email recently. Hi just said that he was getting in touch with different organisations to show them his work, sent me a link to his work and said “Not entirely sure where it’s going to go from there but hey, you got to start somewhere right?” I thought was quite funny 🙂 but also showed a lot of initiative. I liked some of Tom’s illustration work and so asked him if he would be interested in doing a mini interview and show off some of his work on my blog.

1. What is you name and Website/ Design Portfolio URL?

Name: Tom Hughes.

2. What you are studying and where?

I am studying BA Hons in Animation at University College Falmouth (UCF)

3. Please could you share a couple of your favourite pieces of your work and talk me through them?

Most of my work/drawings are self set projects, so I don’t usually have a brief. Of course I am always looking for commissioned projects as well. I guess this gives me the creative freedom to do what I want. I am very much into design, typography and Illustration.
Things that are different and clever definitely interest me. Usually, as soon as I think of something, I want to get on doing it straight away!

Some of my design work:

This is a set of 5 typography posters I did, showing what the typical mum says to their child. I came up with the idea when my mum called me one day telling to be careful about something silly (most probably) which got me thinking, as mums are notorious worriers they tend to make things up..which then tend to spread. That is where the posters come in. Pretty much anyone can relate to them!

student design work

This illustration is one of my favorites. I love ‘forgotten’ animals (animals in which people forget exist) like the manatee, or the giant ant eater. I do have a favorite and that’s the Narwhal. This print is quite simply a Narwhal doing what gentlemen do best. Complete with his mustache and monocle. He’s a friendly fella.

student illustration work

Along with design and the rest of it I am very much into puns and word play. It can be immensely clever I think. This illustration is of (the best) sitcom main character of all time. In my eyes anyway. But then using who he is and putting it into everyday life. I think it’s quite fun 🙂

For all my work I use Microsoft Paint which may come to a bit of a surprise.. I taught myself from an early age and can now manipulate it, I guess, to create designs and drawings of that done on a more advanced software. I am slowly learning to use others like illustrator etc… but for me nothing beats the old school. It’s just the way I work.

student designer portfolio piece

4. What are your favourite things about your course?

I have many favorite things about my course. All the people I work with are friendly which make it a nice environment. Over the years I have learned a lot I didn’t know about, theory and practical  based. However I now look at an animation for the way its made and not how pretty it looks and the story line. It’s become habit to me and my fellow classmates.

5. What are your ambitions for the future?

I would simply love to be a freelance Illustrator/Designer. Just to have people look at my work and say ‘wow’ would make me happy.

6. What other artists, designers or illustrators do you admire?

A man called Keaton Henson who is pretty well known is a big inspiration to me. I love all his illustrations and his music isn’t bad either. A designer that inspires me is a man called Olly Moss. He does a lot of typography and poster based stuff. All of which is very clever.

7. Do you read any design magazines or blogs that you would recommend to other student designers?

I don’t really read a lot of magazines. I love little local ‘zines’ around uni. I am hopefully going to have some of my work in one soon. But I do follow many different design/illustration blogs all over the internet. They are always giving me a lot of inspiration.

If you are a student or recent graduate designer with an interesting story you would like to share on this blog please get in touch.