Christ student designerGraphic Design Student Chris Lissaman got in touch with me after seeing another graphic design student interview I did a while back and asked if he could do the same. I liked his work, so said yes.

1. What is you name and Design Portfolio URL?
Name: Chris Lissaman

2. What you are studying and where?
I’m studying BA(Hons) Graphic Design at the University of Derby, and I’m in my 2nd year.

3. Please could you share some of your favourite pieces of your work and talk me through them?
My projects are all start with a brief, and I research, develop and refine to a final design. The following projects have been set during my 2nd year and range from branding to app design.

Some of my design work:

This is a conceptual direct mail campaign for the children’s wellbeing charity, NSPCC. It was inspired by The Human Printer project, an experiment by QUAD as part of the Format photography festival. I noticed how even the nicest people insult their printer or complain about it despite the work it does and time it saves, and I wanted to highlight that by comparing it to the real abuse children receive.

front cover brochure design

spread 1 brochure design

spread 2 brochure design

spread 3 brochure design

spread 4 brochure design

back cover student brochure design

This self-written brief challenged me to use graphic design to tackle the issue of children not getting outdoors enough. Children are much more likely than previous generations to be inside the house all day, sat in front of screens such as TV, tablets, and smartphones. My idea was to create and app aimed at children that encouraged them not to use it! After educating youngster on healthy ways to live through a quiz format, the app would then pose challenges – such as to not use the app for the weekend – to be rewarded with in-game coins. This incentivised game-play is what I wanted and I’m really pleased with how the characters look!




The photography department at the University approached the graphic designers with a competition brief to design the visual identity for their end of year exhibitions under the name ‘New Light.’ It was mandatory that would be shown in an A5 photography postcard catalogue, which showcases a photo from every student in a publication that can be given to industry professionals, students, and the general public. My approach was to take the recognisable aperture shape and give it a contemporary feel that is clean, professional and eye-catching. I used this same approach for the cover design and continued it across a number of inside pages.

New light logo

New light

4. What are your favourite things about your course?
I’d say my favourite thing is that I enjoy the variety in the briefs we are given. Some of them are very particular and need a set outcome such as the photography catalogue, and some are self-written such as the Sketchimals project which I was free to create anything that met the brief.

5. What are your ambitions for the future?
I’d love to work for a graphic design studio, and I’m heading towards branding and corporate identity as an expertise. I’m getting married next summer so I’m looking to find a job straight away or my wife won’t be happy! It excites me to think I’ll be doing what I love for a living.

6. What other artists, designers or illustrators do you admire?
I’ve come across the design studio Ragged Edge Design, headed up by Max Ottigon, and I’m a big fan of their designs. I think it’s the clean and contemporary style that I aspire to create myself.

7. Do you read any design magazines or blogs that you would recommend to other student designers?

I occasionally buy magazines such as Computer Arts if I think a particular issue will help me get to grips with a new technique, but I mainly stick to flicking through the magazines in the University library – it’s cheaper that way! On Twitter I follow design:related (@designrelated) which often posts links to interesting things in the design world.