posteerOn Sunday my boyfriend and I went back to my old College, actually it was his old college too, but not for design, and we didn’t know each other then. When we were there it was known as Nene College, but now it’s the University of Northampton, which sounds much better 🙂 . The college had an open day showing all their end of year exhibitions. We wandered around the fine art section which had quite a few abstracts we liked, but also a few bizarre pieces like wooden chairs taken apart and put together in different ways, I didn’t really understand those, but each to their own.

In the graphic section I was amazed at the mixture of levels of work, some had incredibly accomplished work, others you could see they were still learning. I grabbed a few brochures they had left as giveaways thinking I would post up some images only to get home and find they were from 2004, 2005, 2006 🙁 (so I can only assume they had run out of this years). So I thought I would check on the website – they would be bound to have a portfolio on the University website wouldn’t they? Well if they have I can’t find it. I also picked up the business card of a girl who’s illustration and design I liked I thought I may be able to give some work too in the future, but when I got home I was amazed to see she hadn’t got a link to a website or online portfolio on the card. Surely this is one of the most important things for new designers to promote themselves?


Matt McArthur who is a regular commentor on my blog emailed me to let me know about a video he and his fellow students have produced to promote their end of year show at Edinburgh’s Telford College 12th – 16th June, Matt’s the one with no hair (his word not mine 🙂 ). There will soon be an online portfolio for all the students there too.

animationAlso worth taking a look at is Computer Arts Graduate Showcase of Animation I liked “Death Kitty and the Fat Man,” even though it was a little weird. The Computer Arts Site has loads of other useful information for students and professionals alike.

Have you been to any graduate shows and looked at the work or are you a student just putting on a end of year show, I’d love to hear how it went?