I have been using Strata 3D CX for 3D along with Cheetah 3D for a while now to produce 3D visuals for my design work, so was pleased to see that they have now created a stripped down version Strata Design 3D SE for only 99 cents for a full license, to help get people started in 3D. Although Strata 3D doesn’t have the power of some of the big 3D software packages it is very easy to use, and the interface is quite Mac/Adobe like. I find it works best for more geometric type work like packaging and exhibitions (Cheetah 3D is better for organic stuff). For your 99 cents you also get two weeks free access to the Strata 3D university which has tutorials and videos to get you started.

If you have tried other 3D software before and given up as its to complicated give Strata Design 3D SE a go and see if you like it.

strata design 3d se