…At least that’s what I am hoping, as this afternoon I am off on holiday to a gite in France for a couple of weeks, the same place we went last year with views over the hills and vineyards. My brother (25) is house sitting, so I can only hope our house is in one piece when we return 🙂 . I have written several posts for while I am away so please keep reading, but I probably won’t be able to get online to respond.

Quite often it’s when I am on holiday that I come up with ideas for inventions or websites (one day one of them will come off), I guess it is because you are relaxed that your mind wanders and your creative subconscious kicks in? One thing I hate about going on holiday as a freelancer is there is always that mad rush just before you go. I should have guessed that at 3.30 yesterday, I would be bombarded by emails with things that clients had decided they now needed before I went away 🙁 . I think I have just about got it all sorted and can stop thinking about work for a couple of weeks. Of course as well as the usually trashy paperbacks to read by the pool, I have thrown a few nerdy books in the case – XHTML and CSS (yes really!) and a book “How to have Creative Ideas” by Edward de Bono.” Asgeir Hoem is a big fan of Edward de Bono and mentions his ideas a lot on his site, so I thought I would read the book to see what the fuss is about.

I think I have just about talked myself out of taking may laptop, but you never know I may change my mind. 🙂