I have a question, one that goes out to all you experienced web designers from inexperienced web newbies like me –

  1. Should we be learning to design dynamic websites or start with basic static sites?
  2. Does anybody want static web sites any more?

As I look around on the web today I am seeing fewer and fewer static websites. Most sites seem to be built around a content management system (bespoke or otherwise) or blogging platform. So should we all be learning PHP/ASP or finding a suitable content management system that we can use to learn apply our newly acquired XHTML and CSS skills to.

What would you recommend – Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Expression Engine? Or should designers stick with design and leave the coding to experienced developers?

Having experimented with WordPress I feel it could be a good way to go, I also have a forthcoming post about using WordPress as a CMS, but what do you think, what would you advise?

If you were just starting out in the world of web design, what would you do?