drug test creatives
I have just been watching a bit about the Olympics, while having lunch. They were talking about the young Chinese swimmer, Sun Yang who won the 400 metres with an amazing time. People are now questioning if such a performance could be genuine or from performance enhancing drugs.

I don’t know why, but it got me thinking – what if they did this with creatives and designers? What if you created the most amazing piece of work, your best so far, can you imagine if people questioned how you managed to do it?

Having never taken illegal drugs, i can’t say what the effects would be on me, but I have found that a few glasses of wine (not in the day 🙂 ) definitely helps the creative juices flow more easily, especially brainstorming for brand names. Who hasn’t seen a bizzarre advert, piece of art or film that makes you wonder – how on earth did they come up with that? Maybe it’s just the creative mind, but perhaps on occasions an additional stimulant has helped. We have all heard of music which has been inspired by experiences on drugs and gone on to help make the band a fortune.

The point of drugs testing for athletes is to try and make sure everyone is playing on a level playing field and not gaining financially/personally in an unfair manner. So is it right that drugs may enhance the performance financially of creatives and others outside the sporting arena?

Drug test before you present your next set of design visuals or advert ideas – maybe?

There’s my odd thought for the day – and all I have had is a cup of tea 🙂