Ben Vallack contacted me the other day to tell me about his new CMS (content management system) called SetSeed. Most people will have heard of WordPress, which is incredibly popular so it will be interesting to see how Setseed develops as the new kid on the block.

One of the key ideas behind the CMS seems to be that we, as designers can set up the CMS and make it look as we want and then hand it over to the client allowing them to edit the text they need to without being able to fiddle with (and break) the design.

Some features of Setseed CMS

  • SetSeed is a self-hosted CMS which lets you rapidly build and deploy complete websites and online stores for your clients.
  • The CMS interface is beautiful, easy and lets your clients control their content without breaking your design. Use your own logo on the CMS and even in our training videos for your clients.
  • A single installation powers all your sites, so everyone’s always up to date. Breath life into your front-end code with the flexible Smarty template system and full CSS/Javascript control.
  • Pay a one off low-cost fee per site no expensive monthly payments