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As promised I have created a sample brief based on a brief I had a couple of years ago to create a new brand of batteries – including naming them, creating a logo and designing a look for the brand. For the initial stage I had to come up with three design options for a clam pack holding 4 batteries. The chosen design was then through the other clam packs and boxes and also on to a POS dump bin for use in DIY stores.

The brief (PDF) along with a cutter guide (illustrator eps), fictitious logo (illustrator eps)(similar to to the real one that I was supplied) and a couple of images of competitors designs(jpeg/gif) can be downloaded as a zip file from here. I have also include notes as to how I supplied the visuals and time allocated for the initial design.

The Challenge here was trying to fit a lot of information into a small space, coming up with a name and look that would work well at a small size

I hope this is of use to students, wanting to see some real every day briefs. I am happy to post more if they are of interest.

Any suggestions for the type of “real design briefs” you would like to see are welcomed in the comments below.

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