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To create 3 package design options for the look of a fire extinguisher box size W125mm x H288m x D95mm. The fire extinguisher must appeal to the consumer and focus on keeping their loved ones and homes safe, so possible use of home and family imagery.

Create a logo for the Fire extinguisher brand РFiresafe Рred should be a key colour (or use an existing brand logo of your choice)

Front of the box

Must be included:
image of the product
Title: General Purpose Fire Extinguisher
bullet points:
Simple to use
No Maintenance required
Ideal for small house fires
5 year warranty

Also on the front:
An icon (which you need to create) for 5 year warranty
Weight: 1kg
Any imagery which you feel is appropriate see for free images

Side Panel
Title: General Purpose Fire Extinguisher
Create diagrams (photo, drawings, icons) showing how to use a fire extinguisher
5 year warranty icon
Weight: 1kg