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Design the look for a new box of dog treats box size 148.5W x 210H x50D mm.

For the logo of the company producing them you can either make up the name and design a logo of your own or choose one of the brand leaders and use that logo.
  1. There will be 3 separate flavours of dog treats chicken, beef and lamb. Initially start the design based on one flavour – chicken
  2. Box colours to be bright and vibrant
  3. Product to be called “Crunchies”
  4. Description:  A irresistible biscuit treat for dogs – also needs to go on the box
  5. Also to go on the box should be the flavour (ie chicken), weight – 300g,  a “new” flash, a barcode, ingredients, analysis and feeding guide – you can use the list here
  6. You need to show an image/s of the product on the front of the box you can use something from here
  7. The different flavours need to be differentiated in some way – possible colour coding

The look of the box
Like the idea of something bright and vibrant fun, along the lines of human snacks – crisps/childrens cereal. 

Take a look at my post on package design inspiration for help with ideas