This is based on a brief that I have worked on in the past – names etc have been changed. It may be used to practice logo design for students and new designers.

To develop a logo for Hadley Garden Centre.

A family company that goes back for many years, currently has a logo that is very dated would like a new logo. The existing logo is text placed in a green elipse.
  • Position as Waitrose/BMW of the Garden Centres of good quality but not exclusive.
  • They have very knowledgable staff a high number who have been there form many years and they would like to think their staff are proud to work for them.
  • Want to avoid the cliche leaf image as they want to increase awareness of their non plant products such as giftware, furniture, kitchenware etc.
  • Target market over 40’s.
Create 3 logo options – two colour only
One based on the ideas of text in an elipse (but fairly modern)
The other 2 options can go in any direction you feel appropriate to the market

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