wheelIf like me you have been a designer for many years you may well have been in this situation – You have been working for a client for several years and of course some design jobs will need refreshing every year or two or maybe projects of a similar nature crop up a lot.

This is my question for you –
How do you keep finding new inspiration for the same brief?
If you can imagine perhaps you have designed a company’s annual review for several years, nothing major has changed and the brief is just about coming round again.

How do you think of new ideas for a brief that you have already brainstormed about a hundred times over?

I try and look what other companies are doing but not necessarily in the same area of design. I also go back to basics and sometimes create moodboards, cutting up magazines and found graphics. It’s one of the things I find incredibly difficult about my job as a freelance graphic designer. What do you do?