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Bespoke Jewellery Advert Designs

This project included coming up with the concept, design and initial copylines for the adverts, the rings were then produced by the jewellery company to fit the theme of the adverts.

jewellery advert design 2

Dog Treat Packaging Design and Illustration

Shown below are 3D visuals of some dog treat packaging designs I designed and illustrated.

pet packaging design

BVD Farmer Adverts

The adverts below are a right hand page followed by a magazine spread to show farmers that BVD (a disease in cows) which they believe to be insignificant is far more detrimental than they think. This is to encourage vaccination against the disease. Wording says “BVD perception” (tap) “BVD reality” (flood)

BVD Advert Design

BACP Annual Report Design

Design of an annual report for BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy)

annual report design

Fire Extinguisher Packaging Design

3D visuals of designs I created for the Easi-Action fire extinguisher (which I also named). The black pack is for car use and purple for home.

fire extinguisher packaging

Vet Calendar Design

Antibiotics calendar targeted at vets. I used the “i” to create a syringe icon.

Calendar Design

Logo Design for In4systems

Logo design options for In4systems who offer property management software.

logo design

Automaskin Corporate Brochure Design

Chosen corporate brochure design for Automaskin who create marine monitoring systems

corporate brochure design

Perkz Brochure Design

Perkz who offer business incentive programs wanted a very approachable friendly image to stand out from the very corporate companies offering business incentives.

Perkz brochure design