design televisionWe can have TV about a group of wannabees sitting around a house doing nothing for weeks, TV where ugly men try and date a good looking woman so come on surely we could have some Design TV?

The last adult targeted design programme I can remember on TV was Better by Design a program about two product designers who each would would take an everyday product and try and make it better. It was great seeing the whole process from market research sketches, prototyping to the final product.

I have resorted to TV for ten year olds, Beat the Boss on BBC2 which pitches a team of adults against a team of kids. Both teams are given a brief to design a product targeted at children. So far I have seen shows where the teams create a board game, bike bag, practical joke product. The teams are shown at ideas stage, market research and working with experts to create their prototype. This TV show could so easily be transferred into a more heavy weight version for adults pitching teams of experts against the general public or teams of designers pitches against each other. What about graphic design too, why not apply this concept to teams designing a website or piece of print design.

I’m bored of big brother give me some design on TV please.

Am I missing some Design TV, is there any design on TV that you know about?

What sort of design TV do you want?