Is it just me that gets annoyed when buying design software?

  1. Why does it have to cost so much when if they sold it for a little less more people would buy it rather than copy it and pay nothing?
  2. Why does free and cheap software seem to come with far superior support than the software you need to sell your soul to buy? The best support I have ever received was for a small script I paid about £15 for, but I got little response on a Adobe forum when my new version of Photoshop kept crashing .
  3. Why do I pay nearly £1000 (Quark, Adobe Creative Suite) for software but they can’t throw in a printed manual.
  4. Why is the cost of the new upgrade on Adobe Creative Suite not that much cheaper than the offers for new users to buy it from scratch?
  5. If you are having problems with new software, why do software makers always blame it on other software, your system, clashing software etc, is it never a bug in their software?

What do you think?