I am delighted to announce a new design competition on Graphic Design Blog UK

Simply send me your best pieces of design work (along with an entry fee of just 1000 dollars per submission – cheques and paypal welcome).

What can I win?

One lucky winner will get exposure on this graphic design blog plus 500 dollars.

When will the winner be announced?

The winner will be announced in 2 month time after I have finished sunning myself in Barbados.

beach image


The competition above in fact does not exist, my flip flops are still in the cupboard. However I just wanted to point out how frustrated I get when I get sent emails advertising design competitions with big entry fees.

Tell Me More

I received an email just the other day about a design competition and was about to do a quick mention of it on my blog, but when I checked out the details I noticed that the submission fee was about 100 dollars – that just really winds me up. Is it really a competition when you pay such fees to enter? To top that off the winner didn’t win much money. Ok, so they will get exposure and their work gets included in a book, no doubt a book that the company in question will sell.

I would understand a small fee maybe 10 or 20 dollars to cover admin and to stop people sending in complete rubbish, but come on, high submission fees are just a rip off and not in the spirit of a competition.

What do you think?