On Thursday I had a one-to-one days training in HTML. As I may have mentioned before I have read books on HTML but never dare actually try it. At least I had a vague understanding of some of the tags, but it was good having someone to show me best practices on how you should set your document up etc. What I had never really understood was tables. I know these are being phased out, but knowI understand a little on how the structure works.

What I find quite confusing is that everyone is saying forget tables CSS is the way to go for positioning, and yet the guy teaching me still says tables are very useful and that the danger of a site totally build with CSS positioning could easily collapse – with just one slight mistake.

So I guess I just learn both????…What does everyone else think – tables or CSS?

So its early days for me to being confident in the use of HTML and CSS but at least its a start.