So as I mentioned I did a days training in HTML – yes I know its not enough, I need to put it into practice. Its pretty hard though when all your work is print based and you’ve had a massive influx of it. I am now back up to my ears in work again (forgive me blog if you become neglected for the next couple of weeks).

I had been searching round on the net to see if there were any good online courses – something I could do in my own time and dip in and out of. There are loads of them out there – lots of free ones too but what frustrated me about them all was there was no interaction. Ok so they told me something and then said try it yourself, but they didn’t make you think and the DVD videos were a great cure for insomnia (I have fallen asleep watching one for Strata 3D that I now use – seriously)

Finally I found an online (downloadable) course in HTML – which is cheap – $29 and does just that, makes it makes you interact. I have done a few sections so far. You read a bit about something, then it makes you insert tags etc into a window and then gives you the answer. Then after a few questions you get a quiz to test you on what you have learned so far – which it then marks for you. I have just got on to a section now which teaches you how to build a simple website which I will start as soon as time allows. If all goes well I will then do the CSS course.