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This post is a logo design tutorial following the logo design process I used to design a free charity logo (final logo at the bottom of post)

Last year I did a free logo design for a charity called Beach within Reach. Beach within reach aims to provide special wheelchairs capable of going onto the sand to disabled people at no charge for the day. Some of the people and children may never otherwise be able to go on to the beach due to the cost of hiring a wheelchair. The brief came from one the mums of a child who had benefited from the charity Debbie Fifield. Please check out their facebook fan page if you would like to offer your support to the charity.

First step was to send a list of questions to find out the type of logo they were looking for

The Logo Design Brief Questions

  • Your company name – as it should be used on the logo design
  • Strap line to go with your logo – if required
  • Please provide a little information about what your company does
  • Key words that describe your company – eg. friendly, reliable
  • What do you like/dislike about your current logo (if you have one)? Please can I see it.
  • Who are your competitors/Other Charities in the same field please give links if possible?
  • “Look and feel” required such as contemporary/traditional/brash/minimal/corporate/fun/
  • Any definite ideas you have about the logo design + examples of logo design you like/dislike (links if possible)?
  • Who is your Target audience?
  • Colour preferences if any. Should the logo be single colour/two colour/full colour/no specific preference?
  • How/where will the logo be used?
  • Any other information you would like to add

The questions were answered in the form of an email

To get more of an idea of what the wheelchair is used for, a google search of Landeez will bring up lots of videos and information. We are a fun, easygoing charity who’s aim is to get people in wheelchairs on to both the beach and into the sea, as many wheelchair users will never have experienced either. There is no-one in competition with us as it is a really unique charity providing a very worthwhile service. We need to continue fundraising to maintain the wheelchairs, purchase more as required (approx £4,000.00 each) and to really promote what we have. We also want to increase usage by offering them to schools/groups for the disabled within London and the South-East, then during Spring and Autumn a whole class/group of disabled children or adults could get to go on the beach which for many could be their first time ever. We really would like to have the beach on the logo and a fun version of the chair, but obviously all within a very simple form. I don’t think a strap line is necessary but we are open to any suggestions/help you have to give.

I have attached 2 photos of my son last summer, (I think the pictures say it all really) the wheelchair was absolutely vital to his enjoyment and when I heard the charity may have to dispand due to lack of interest from committee members, a couple of the mums and I took it on. The logo will be used on everything from collecting tins, t-shirts, flyers, right through to the website and everything.

charity logo design

Next step some basic research

The next step of the logo design process was to do a search to see the type of logos other charities use (above) and also find some images of the wheelchairs in question and some beach based images (below). I collected these images together and then dropped them into iphoto so hey were easy to view and print out.

wheelchair pics

Brainstorming for Logo Inspiration

Although I felt that the best route for the logo was probably was going to be an iconic/graphic version of someone using one of the wheelchairs I knew I needed to forget this for a least the brainstorming stage in order to try and not rule anything out. On the mind maps I used doodles as well as words to try an stimulate more ideas.


Logo Design Sketches

I worked at sketching out some possible options for the logo and scanned some of them in to work up.

logo sketches

Drawing up the logos in black and white in illustrator

I worked in illustrator to try work up the logos, first starting in black and white.Working In black and white let’s you concentrate on shapes and typography and not worry about colours which might distract. Don’t underestimate the helpfulness of showing your logos to a designer friend, I did. Usually a fresh eye can help you see what is and isn’t working.

black and white logos

Drawing up the logos in colour in illustrator

I then worked up my preferred logo design options in colour.

colour logo design

Showing the logos to the client

I showed some of the colour logos to the client and they picked the purple and cyan one with the addition of a strap line

final logo design

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