I am a bit of a fan of TV invention programs, if your from the UK you’ll know of Dragon’s Den which is one of my favourites. I am a bit of an “Inventor Wanabee” always trying to come up with new ideas some completely daft others OK. I have never quite got an investor/company to sign on the dotted line though (almost, but not quite). Anyway back to the point – as well as looking at design related blogs, I take the odd look at inventor ones.

At Inventors Garage I found an interesting lead to an article on the Wall Street Journal. Essentially the article explains that keyword searches are now being used by product developers and designers to find out what the consumers are searching for. For example a company that made hardware for engineers sold products where the user had to install circuit boards in their computer. By checking what keywords were being searched for alongside their product they saw that users were attaching the word USB to it. This led to it designing and selling versions of its products with USB interfaces, one of its most successful product launches.

Next time I have an idea I think I will try it as a keyword to see if there is any demand. I wonder if there are any other ways that keywords can be used too?