I have been thinking for a while that I should offer a day or two of my design time free to a registered charity and thought perhaps others would like to join in. During the summer months and with a slow economy I am sure many designers and design companies are finding a little more free time on their hands. Of course also during the recession charities are suffering as people just can’t afford to give as much money to them as they used to. So why not put these two together?

I would like to offer a day or two of my time free (working/ briefing remotely) to a UK registered charity. If any charity is interested they are welcome to contact me through my contact page and I will select one to work with. Why not join me, if you are a designer/design company who would like to offer a day or two free design time to charity why not make a post on your blog with what you are offering (and perhaps the type of charity you would like to work with) and if you let me know by commenting on this post I will link to you at the bottom of this post.

Maybe together all of us can may a few spare days design time increase the profile of some charities and give us all some fresh design inspiration working on something new. If the idea works well perhaps its something that we could continue on a regular basis every few months a year? What do you think?