I have recently been looking at different 3D software. I currently use Strata 3D which is great for packaging design and POS but not as good at organic modelling. I have dabbled with a few free 3D packages and also tried out Lightwave, which I found the interface way too complicated. I found Animation Master (Hash) and decided I would like to give it a try and emailed asking for a demo. They replied that there wasn’t one but the software was only $50 for a years subscription. I don’t know about you, but I like a demo just to see what the interface of a design program looks like, but the general idea of subscription based software as an alternative to a full purchase sounds like a good one to me.

There are countless times I have downloaded demo design software and had a quick look at it aiming to come back to it later, only to find I get busy. I come back to that demo software when it gets quieter again only to find the demo has expired. Wouldn’t it be good of you could just pay a fee to extend it, by a month, 6 months etc? This would give you long enough to decide if the software really was for you, or alternatively allow you to use software which you can not afford to buy all in one go.

To cut a long story short I bought Animation Master which is designed for 3D character design and animation, now I just have o learn how to use it.

I think some of he mainstream design software producers should consider offering subscriptions monthly/quarterly/yearly as an option. What do you think?