When I first started using Mac OSX I really liked iPhoto, it was a great way to organise my images so I could easily access both my personal photos and images for my designs. As my gallery of images got bigger though, not surprisingly iPhoto became pretty sluggish, especially on opening and I began to avoid opening it as much as possible. It always really annoyed me that I couldn’t just create a new gallery only view the images I wanted without the whole catalogue having to load first. I have just downloaded iPhotobuddy which lets you do just that. Say for instance I wanted to create a gallery of images for design inspiration – you simply open iPhotobuddy create your new folder called “Design Inspiration” (using the + button bottom left) click on that folder and it will open up in iPhoto without opening up all your other photos, then you can start adding images and organising them into subfolders within iPhoto as usual. I wish I had found this freeware application ages ago.

You can download iPhotobuddy for free from tucows