I have just recently got an ipad and I was trying to work out the best ipad pdf reader, plus how to transfer my existing pdf ebooks to my ipad (as my little UBS converter has not yet arrived). One common suggestion seemed to be to email them to yourself, but really I wanted a way to organise the pdfs once they were on my ipad too. I found a solution which seems to work quite well.

1. Go to your Google Docs Account (or open up a free google account if you haven’t already got one). Google docs now lets you upload pdfs so you can read them online which is pretty neat. You can upload all your pdf ebooks and organise them into folders. Slight problem though, this is great if you have an internet connection, but what about if you don’t. This is where the Good reader App comes in.

2. The Good Reader App lets you link up to your Google docs account and download any PDFs from there to your Ipad. You can then organise them into folders and read them whenever you want without an internet connection. The Good Reader App has a nicer interface than google docs for reading your PDFs too. Of course you can easily delete PDFs from your IPad when you have read them too (while still keeping a copy in Google docs)

Good reader App