If you are reading this blog the chances are you are a designer or creative person and at some time in your life have had a great idea for a great new product or invention. Like most of us you will have promptly forgotten it, or not really known what to do next and then seen “your idea” brought to market by someone else a few years later.

The premise of a new proposed TV show by Womentorz is to follow everyday women inventors in their quest to get their invention ideas to market. Unlike most TV shows you will get to see the struggles of the inventors and how they are overcome. The women inventors will be mentored by Leslie Haywood, inventor of Grillcharms (Shark Tank), Roger Brown a successful inventor (podcast with Roger Brown) who is an expert at licensing ideas and Jim DeBetta, an expert at getting products ready for retail.

Support the Proposed TV Show

If the show sounds like something you would like the team need your support. Leave a comment over at their Youtube video and please spread the word. The more buzz created the more likely the show will get taken on.