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I have only seen very few package design books that I really like, but Box Bottle Bag is definitely one of them. You wouldn’t really expect any less when it’s brought to you by The Dieline a fantastic blog all about packaging.

This book is a feast of eye candy paired with a brief sentence or two about each piece along with who created it and the font they used. Quite surprisingly good old Helvetica seems to be a firm favourite throughout many pieces of packaging in the book.

This is not a book to learn the design process or real thinking behind projects but is is a book of beautiful  work great for flicking through for Inspiration.

I especially like the way the book is broken into unexpected sections. While you might expect this to be done by packaging area, ie. food and drink, you instead find sections labelled things like Bold, Casual and Nostalgic.

If you design packaging or have aspirations to do so, this is a book for you.

A Sneak Peak inside Box Bottle Bag

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What are your favourite books about packaging design?