designer dog

Thoughts of the Dog:

Started my first first design job of the day, not really one that I wanted to do, big sigh, grumble, groan, sad eyes.

Got my first visual done, wow that was hard work, surely I deserve a tasty treat for that. What just one? That took me a few hours.

Ok on to the next visual, but I am feeling rather sleepy, perhaps a nap is in order first – where’s the radiator. Mmm thats better I can’t believe how tough it’s been today – oh is that a crumb I dropped, better eat that, don’t want the office in a mess.

Ok back to work, but first maybe just a quick look at youtube – search: rabbits.

A knock at the door – better bark a bit and hope they go away. Ah, it’s a client, better stop growling under my breath and refrain from sniffing their crotch, I hope they bought snacks.

The briefing is underway, but my god I feel itchy, oh that’s it I got it – did they just say something – are we speaking the same language – sideways head tip – sniff the air, I am sure I can smell BS.

Told the client that the job would cost a few more bones than previously anticipated. We needed to allow for the extra hours of research – (ie. search youtube: rabbits)

Time for a wee, this could take some time, must search for the right place to go in my perfect grid system.

Could really do with stretching my legs a bit for a walk after all that hard work, they say that getting out doors helps with creativity anyway – what a hectic day.