maskHave you ever taken a look at your working week and thought about what you do, that you haven’t really trained for?

…I’m a photographer
Take pack shots for use in press release, on packaging and in brochures

…I’m a copywriter
Write headlines for adverts and text for packaging designs, create strap lines for logos

…I’m an illustrator
Produce illustration for packaging and brochures

…I’m technical support
Advise client when they can’t open jpegs someone else has supplied

…I’m a caterer
Ok, maybe making myself Marmite on toast for lunch is pushing it a bit

I think that a lot of jobs in the creative industry are overlapping more and more. I have previously written copy for brochures and I am definitely not a copywriter (as you well know). I know a copywriter who decided he would start “designing” his own ads, his “designs” were all exactly the same regardless of subject. My photography is average. I am an OK illustrator, but I will never meet the standards of someone who does this for a living. I like being able to explore different fields but how far should this go without weakening results?

I was looking at some recruitment adverts in the back of Creative Review magazine and the job skill requirements are increasing year on year Some of the adverts for graphic designers asked for one or more of the following – good photographer, illustrator, flash user, CSS and HTML, PHP. I am not saying this is a bad thing, the popularity of the internet has made it a necessity, but does this lead to designers that are jack of all trades and master of none, or does it make for good allrounders?