freelance questionsIt was nearly seven years ago when I was wondering how difficult it was going to be to go freelance. My first freelance job was in September 2003 and I remember how worried I was. Questions and doubts ran through my head, would I get enough work and how would I manage clients and my accounts.

It is because of this I have been wondering whether to create a free guide called something like – How to Freelance for Beginners. If this is something you would be interested in please let me know by signing up below to be alerted when the guide is ready.

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Please put in the comments anything you would specifically like covered in the guide.

Meanwhile I have previously written several posts on how to freelance that you might enjoy:

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Working in house can prove a more sociable way to work but freelancing from home has its perks too.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Freelance Design Through a Third Party (Middleman)
As well as working directly for companies as a freelancer you may also get offered work via a third party, this could be a PR company or a design company that subcontracts their design work to you. This cuts out some of the client management process which has both pros and cons.

Back up Your Freelance Design Work
I can’t emphasise the importance of keeping back ups of your freelance design work. Losing a days work is frustrating, but several weeks or months work could be a major disaster for your business.

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A look at how to calculate what you should charge for your freelance design services

So What’s Stopping You Becoming a Freelance Designer
My personal journey to becoming a freelance graphic designer

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How an accountant can save you more than you pay them

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Questions you should ask yourself before going freelance and tips to help you.

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My recent post with examples of how blogs have helped freelance designers

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A post by Ken Reynolds which deals with the tricky problem of how to take holidays as a freelancer

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An interesting post by Brian Yerkes who thinks freelance designers may be missing out on work by publicly announcing their availability.

Urgent! How to Handle those Last-Minute Design Requests
Every freelancer at some point will receive a call with a last minute design request Tracey Grady discusses the best way to deal with them.

Self-employment advice for designers
Davis Airey offers his advice for designers considering self employment.

Design Agency VS Freelance Life
Jacob Cass – Just Creative Design compares freelancing with working for a design agency in New York City.

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Rob Cubbon offers his advice on How to get Freelance Graphic Design Jobs.

Websites Dedicated to Freelancing

Freelance Switch
Freelance Switch offers extensive advice on how to freelance along with a forum and jobs board.

Freelance Folder
Freelance folder also offers a blog about freelancing a job board and a forum.