I have received a few emails recently from people asking me for advice on choosing a graphic design school/university. It’s a long time since I was at design college and so I thought I would throw the question open to you to see if any one else can help.

  • What made you choose the Design College or University you went to?
  • What did you like dislike about the course?
  • Are there any specific design schools/universities you would recommend?
  • What specific things/subjects would you look for in a design school/university?

I actually went back to my old college to look at the end of the year design show and was shocked by what seemed to be a lack of web design examples everything still seemed focussed on design for print when I would have thought this was a key area that should have been pushed. A lot of the students didn’t even appear to have online portfolios. I think if I was going to college now I would make sure that web and multimedia were a key part of the course as well as design for print.

has a series of links to articles about choosing a design school which you may find useful.