A Guest post by Milosh Zorica
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Being a design consultant allowed me to travel a lot. Most often all you need is a laptop and a decent Internet connection. Some other tools might be needed as well. Traveling is not luxury affordable only by the richest. Well, no more. Just about anyone who can perform their work using Internet and phone can become a nomad.

There are different ways how freelancer can become a nomad without loosing their freedom. Reason most of us are both, freelancers and nomads.

The first one is by landing contract work in country you’d love to live and work. Contract might be either project-based or time-fixed. They last from a few weeks to more than a year. Such contracts are widely available in the industries like game and multimedia/interactive/web. Even though you’re on the road you’ll be living in the same place and having daily routine. Sure, in different scenery and with amazing experiences. Very important advantage is that most likely you wouldn’t be involved in client-handling so you’ll avoid issues that arise. Your network – expanded! Gained experience – priceless! The best way to discover a country or a city is by working there. Professionals with international business experience and multicultural knowledge are highly demanded nowadays.

The second one is by working for your clients (back home and scattered world-wide alike). If you can maintain the same level of reliability and quality of services regardless of location and Time Zone, freelancing on the road is something you might consider. Unlike contract work it’s more demanding and you need longer extensive preparation at an early stage. Quite often you’ll wonder more on where you can find wi-fi hotspot than museum/gallery/nightclub. On the other side it gives you freedom whether you’d love to work from a café in New York, sandy beach in Puerto Plata or a cozy wooden house in Irkutsk. Sure, as long as you have connection (wi-fi, 3G, EDGE, cable, ADSL, LAN, etc.). How the clients will react is way individual. In my case it was mostly from sympathetic to envious (sure, in a positive way). Honestly for a while I was even hiding the fact I don’t work in an office but a hotel room, café, friend’s apartment/office, library or you just name it. Gregory Moulinet is even branding his business based on being a nomad. So far it goes well for both, thank God.

There are plenty of other ways how you can make money to support your travel while utilizing skills and knowledge you have and most important – your imagination! I’ve just mentioned two most often, with what I have an extensive experience!

Various issues are to be considered and resolved. But, it’s highly rewarding!

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