Guitar website
Most people know that these days its fairly straight forward to get a t-shirt, mug or mousemat printed online, but now you can also customise a guitar.

Being a bit of a guitar fan myself when I heard that Peavey Guitars were doing a similar thing that Cafepress did with t-shirts, but with guitars I had to take a look. In a similar way to Cafepress you upload a high resolution design to the site and position it on a guitar with the option to both scale and rotate the design.

The option is currently in beta, but I had an experiment and uploaded the Graphic Design Blog banner image to try, you can see the results above. With the guitars alone costing a minimum of $1599.99 (without the graphic) I daren’t press the submit button.

I will have to see if my boyfriend is feeling incredibly generous this Christmas 😉 at the current prices, but hopefully something similar will trickle down to cheaper guitars eventually. My only problem is that unfortunately my graphic would probably be a lot better that my guitar playing 🙂 .